Wyndmoor Woman Turns Her Home Into Green Oasis, Wins ‘Gardner of Distinction’

Christie Sommers turned her home into a gorgeous indoor oasis and was recognized for her efforts with a “Garden of Distinction” designation. Image via The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Christie Sommers, with help from her husband Steve, turned their Wyndmoor home into a gorgeous indoor oasis that won her a “Garden of Distinction” designation at the annual Gardening and Greening Contest by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, writes Sally A. Downey for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Sommers, who operates her business West Oak Design from the home, is an avid gardener who makes sure to be surrounded by flora the whole year long. For winter days, the indoors more than makes up for the lack of green in the outside garden.

The family is maintaining more than 100 plants inside their home, ranging from African milk bush and Swiss cheese philodendron to a tall umbrella plant that is given place of honor by the staircase.

The plants “filter the air,” said Sommers.

She is also active on a plant swap group on Facebook, where she trades cuttings of her indoor plants in return for perennial seeds for her outdoor garden.

The gardener not only cooks with her personally-grown herbs, but she has also created her own kitchen apothecary where she makes tinctures, medicinal teas, and salves from them.

Read more about the avid gardener at The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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