Adam Goldberg’s Former Girlfriend Will Act in Hit Show Based on His Jenkintown Family

Bailey Dickerson

Vickie Bee, who used to date Adam Goldberg in high school, will play her own mother in the writer’s hit show based on his family and growing up in Jenkintown, writes Ellen Gray for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Best known for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, where she played the ex-wife of Bradley Cooper’s character, the actress will appear in the eighth season of The Goldbergs.

The show continues to delve into the creator’s past for new characters while not shying away from using their real names, including already introducing teenage Brea Bee in January.  Played by Sadie Stanley, the character is the latest love interest for the young Adam.

But while the couple gets together in the show after being paired as chemistry lab partners, in real life they were brought together by a theater play they were both starring in.

And while they broke up a long time ago, they stayed in touch, working together on several occasions. But it was never on something this personal.

“This is the most surreal thing,” said Bee.                                                                                                                          

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