6ABC’s Popular Meteorologist, Main Line’s Adam Joseph, Talks Winter Predictions, Staying in Shape

Bailey Dickerson
Main Line’s Adam Joseph, a meteorologist at 6ABC, shares his predictions on what we might expect from this winter and how he stays in shape during COVID-19. Image via Facebook.

Known to his friends as “Spitfire,” 6ABC’s meteorologist Adam Joseph is currently doing what he always hoped he would, writes Victor Fiorillo for the Philadelphia Magazine.

“The weather is a true passion,” he said.

Drawing from years of experience, he predicts that the coming winter will be a fairly easy one.

“We need an easy winter after all this,” he said.

Like many people around them who have been spending more time at home, Joseph and his partner Karl have created a gym at their house to make sure they have a safe space where they can work out. The experience has been so enjoyable that Joseph – who was once a gym rat – does not think he will ever go back.

As far as the future is concerned regarding his job, he plans to keep doing it until he grows tired of it.

“I have a lot of other things planned beyond this,” he said, “something around me in the kitchen, a cookbook, and my own sort of consulting business revolving around cooking, baking, and gardening.”

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