REAL ID Service in Pennsylvania Resuming After Six-Month COVID-19-Related Pause

REAL ID service in PA - which provides drivers with licenses that can be used for federal purposes - is resuming after it was paused in March due to COVID-19. Image via the WHYY.

REAL ID service in Pennsylvania is resuming after it was paused in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, writes Zoë Read for the WHYY.

Pennsylvania residents can once again update their driver’s licenses to comply with federal standards, as required by REAL ID federal law. The new licenses can be used for federal purposes, including plane travel within the country and when entering a secure federal building.

Since March 2019, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has processed approximately 4 million customers. Nearly a quarter have now chosen to opt into the REAL ID program.

However due to coronavirus-related delays, the federal Department of Homeland Security has postponed the REAL ID enforcement date from October 1, 2020, to October 1, 2021.

So Pennsylvania residents are not yet obligated to obtain a REAL ID license and can still get standard-issue driver’s licenses and photo IDs.

To update a driver’s license, an individual needs to bring proof of identity and social security number, as well as physical address. Those who have been pre-verified can also order their REAL ID online.

Read more about the REAL ID service at the WHYY by clicking here.

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