New Condos in Ardmore a Blend of Science and Style with a Prime Location

Images via C.F. Holloway III & Company.

With the construction industry having received Gov. Tom Wolf’s authorization to head back to work, 39 MONTGOMERY is gradually taking shape at its expansive lot on Montgomery Avenue in Ardmore, across the street from Suburban Square™.

The stylish, four-story building – developed by C.F. Holloway III & Company, a Wayne-based homebuilder with a distinguished portfolio that includes multiple properties on the historic Main Line – will feature 21 condominiums that were fashioned for luxurious, one-floor living. Buyers can choose from five unique floor plans, each of which has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Click here to check out the floor plans.

To get to know 39 MONTGOMERY a little better, C.F. Holloway III & Company has shared some of the frequently asked questions it has been receiving and answers to those FAQs:

Q: Why new construction?

A: Simple! Science and style. The science is in advanced building technology, state-of-the-art mechanical systems, optimal energy efficiency, and environmental sensitivity. The style is in beauty, form, and function. Using beautiful materials, inspired architectural design, and quality craftsmanship, the goal was to create a next generation vision of lifestyle. This potent combination – the science of constructing a building and the style of creating a building – results in the perfect balance of utility and elegance.

Q: What is the size, and are they spacious?

A: As the saying goes, “Your home is your castle.” At 39 MONTGOMERY, we take space design and spaciousness seriously. Our three-bedroom, three-bathroom plans are generously designed for optimal use of all space. Whether moving up or down in size from your present home, good space design is key.

Gracefully proportioned, multi-use rooms, as well as 10-foot ceilings, expansive kitchens, and private, spacious terraces – it’s royal design reinvented for today’s lifestyle.

Q: How about the kitchen?

A: There is no more important part of a home than the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home, where we spend time cooking, gathering, eating, creating, and enjoying life. At 39 MONTGOMERY, our kitchens will exceed your expectations. They boast open, inviting space, a heightened sense of luxury, and a comfortable level of contemporary and traditional elements. Space that adapts to small, large, casual, and formal occasions is meaningful and takes uncommon vision. The fun of moving is meshing the past, present, and future in a chic, new environment. Invite the friends and family – they’ll hang in these kitchens all night!

Q: Is 39 MONTGOMERY pet-friendly?

A: Yes. We know pets make people’s lives better. Bringing your beloved pet to your new home is part of the fun! Our superb location is perfect for long walks and close to dog-friendly parks, and the privacy of our terraces and patios are conducive to comfortable pet quarters.

Now is the time to purchase one of these 21 homes. Click here to learn more about 39 MONTGOMERY or call C.F. Holloway III & Company at 610-964-9040. Click here to follow the construction of 39 MONTGOMERY and to see this grand residential building come to life.