Colebrookdale Railroad Wins National Association of Counties’ Achievement Award for Historic Preservation

Colebrookdale Railroad, which connects Berks and Montgomery counties, has been recognized by NACo with the achievement award for historic preservation. Image via Montgomery County Planning Commission.

Colebrookdale Railroad, which connects Berks and Montgomery counties, has been recognized with the National Association of Counties‘ achievement award for arts, culture, and historic preservation, according to a staff report from 69 News.

The National Association of Counties, which represents over 3,000 counties nationwide, said the multi-county public-private partnership to preserve the Colebrookdale Railroad not only created jobs, but also helped boost the local economy through the passenger and freight service it continues to offer.

“The abandonment of the railroad would have cost millions of dollars, with no return,” said Christian Leinbach, the chair of the Berks County commissioners. “Instead, we’ve built a growing economic engine and jobs creator and we did it through an unprecedented partnership that includes state, federal and local governments, foundations, donors, and volunteers.”

The railroad runs for nine miles, two of which are in Montgomery County, which has been an active partner in its development.

“We are fortunate to have a resource like the Colebrookdale in our region and have been happy to partner with Berks County to support it,” said Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, chair of the Montgomery County commissioners.

Read more about Colebrookdale Railroad at 69 News by clicking here.

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