Proof COVID-19 Is Worse Than The Flu In a Single Chart


We’ve all heard the question, maybe even asked it ourselves.

‘Isn’t COVID-19 a lot like the flu?’

While some of the symptoms of COVID-19 resemble the flu, writes Brian Resnick and Christina Animashaun for VOX, the COVID-19 or the coronavirus isn’t at all like the flu. It is worse.

The three reasons cited by Resnick and Animashaun for why COVID-19 is worse than COVID-19 are

  1. COVID-19 kills a larger portion of people who contract the virus than does the flu, especially people older than 80 years-old
  2. The Coronavirus has a higher potential to overwhelm hospitals and existing health system impacting patients already being treated with other illnesses.
  3. There are no vaccines to combat COVID-19 nor any drugs (yet) to slow the toll the virus takes on the body

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Image via Vox.