West Laurel Hill Cemetery Arborist Coordinating Pennsylvania’s Champion Trees Program

A sycamore in Franklin County (left) is Pennsylvania's biggest registered tree. A giant sequoia in California is America's biggest registered tree. Image via pennlive.com.

Aaron Greenberg, a certified arborist working at Bala Cynwyd’s West Laurel Hill Cemetery, has been named the new coordinator of Pennsylvania Forestry Association’s Champion Trees of Pennsylvania program, writes George Weigel for the Penn Live Patriot-News.

The goal of the program is to find and document the biggest trees in the state. The program includes a Big Trees of Pennsylvania register on its webpage that allows visitors to search for big trees by both county and type.

It also has profiles and pictures of the biggest trees, determined through a combination of their height, trunk circumference, and canopy spread.

There are now 1,847 trees listed on the register, with the reining Pennsylvania height champion currently a 107-foot-tall sycamore in Mercersburg.

Pennsylvania Forestry Association is also looking for volunteer “Big Tree Tenders” who would help track the big trees in their counties and keep the register up to date.

Champion candidates can be nominated by anyone. Pennsylvania’s front-runners then become candidates for biggest trees of their type in the nation, and may find be included on the National Register of Champion Trees.

Read more about the program at the Penn Live Patriot-News by clicking here.

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