Photo gallery coming to Congregation Beth Or

Photographer Dara Nappen King and writer/counselor Marie Jackson are seeking to open a photo gallery Friday evening at Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen. (Photo by Dara King).

By Rick Woelfel 

Written words, even if used only sparingly, can impart an important message, one that is only enhanced when combined with powerful photography. 

Photographer Dara Nappen King and writer/counselor Marie Jackson are seeking to do just that as they open a photo gallery Friday evening at Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen. 

The opening will occur following the conclusion of the Oneg Shabbat service. The public is invited to attend the service, which will begin at 7:30 and/or the gallery opening, which is scheduled from 8:30-8:45. 

King, who resides in Bucks Country, is a congregant at Beth Or. Jackson lives and works in Philadelphia. They have merged their collective talents to create an exhibit that highlights the power of nature and combines visual images with the written word. Over the course of her career, King has photographed nature in locales from Alaska, to Masada in Israel, and many points in between. 

“This particular show is centered around four specific categories,” she said, “tolerance, patience, power, and then peace, love, and happiness. So, each section of the exhibit will walk you through quotes that reflect on those topics, and hopefully have everybody thinking about their roles and how we all interact together.” 

Jackson, who calls herself a personal power counselor, crafted quotes to accompany King’s photography that stress the importance of people living in harmony with nature. 

“Their own nature and the way the world works, the way the universe works, the way the human spirit works,” she said. “If we love the truth of our spirit, we live the power of our lives. 

“What Dara is very good at is capturing nature and the power of nature and the message of nature and how living in harmony with nature keeps us in balance.” 

King notes that the topics, images and quotes that make up the exhibit were selected with the goal of appealing to a broad audience. “The topics could fall into anyone’s circle,” she said. 

“There’s actually only one image, of Masada in Israel that has any link to Judaism. There are just general nature images that everyone would have some connection to.”  

Congregation Beth Or is located at 239 E. Welsh Road, Maple Glen, PA. The exhibit will remain through November 6. King and Jackson hope to eventually take their gallery to other venues. 

For more information about Congregation Beth Or go to their website:

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