Operator of Montco area’s power grid ready for winter

PJM meets electricity needs by procuring through its competitive markets, enough resources to satisfy peak demand plus required reserves — at the lowest reasonable cost. PJM works with its members to ensure that power flows where it is needed and holds resources. (Photo courtesy of PJM)

As the calendar page turns from November to December, thoughts turn to winter weather — will it be snowy or dry; warm or cold?

PJM Interconnection, which manages the high-voltage power grid for 65 million consumers in 13 states and the District of Columbia has announced that it — and its members — are ready for what is to come, according to a press release.

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PJM announced this week that sufficient resources are available to meet forecasted demand for electricity this winter.

“Mild or severe weather, no matter what the winter brings, we are prepared and expect to have more than enough power available to meet consumers’ demand for electricity,” said Michael E. Bryson, vice president — operations said in a release. “The key to our confidence is our members’ preparation efforts and track records of reliable performance.”

Every year, PJM takes a look at the expected demand for electricity, weather predictions and other factors in developing its forecast for operations through the winter.

Among the expectations this year, according to the release, is the development of a weak La Niña, which will lead to a colder winter than the last two years.

In addition, southward shifts in the polar vortex this year caused cooler August weather.

“If this trend continues, the risk of periods of arctic cold will be greater,” the release stated.

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