Richter Supply Meets Challenges Head On

Souderton’s Richter Drafting & Office Supply Company Meets Their Biggest Challenges Head On (Image via

For over three decades Souderton’s Richter Drafting & Office Supply has managed to keep a strong presence in the region and help those around it prosper, writes Christopher Holland for Leigh Valley Business.

The company started as a drafting supplies and blueprinting company in 1985 before it added office supplies to its inventory. Throughout its many years in business the company was met with and overcame numerous challenges such as the emergence of the internet.

“We started our business before the internet came into existence,” said Al Richter in an interview with Leigh Valley Business, “so adapting to that was a unique challenge that all businesses faced, but not all were able to overcome.”

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The company also prides itself in giving back to the community and helping stimulate the local economy. Richter said that all of the company’s employees live in the local communities, meaning their paychecks get spent here and add to the local economy.

In addition, he said “each year around the holidays, we pick a day and donate five percent of our sales to a local charity, and we give to various organizations throughout the year, as well.”

Read the entire interview at Leigh Valley Business by clicking here.

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