Cabrini and Villanova Graduate Returns to Cabrini University to Teach Video Production


John Doyle, Cabrini graduate and Master’s Degree holder from Villanova has returned to his original school to teach Video Production. (Image via The Loquitur)

John Doyle, a Cabrini graduate and Master’s Degree holder from Villanova has been welcomed with open arms after deciding to return to his original school to teach Video Production, writes Lauren Stohler for Loquitur.

Doyle has always loved video production and originally chose to study at Cabrini for its developing studio program that was using cutting edge technology. After leaving the college to do a Master’s at Villanova, Doyle returned to Cabrini to get a degree in Secondary Education.

He also worked in the Residence Life department, eventually working his way up to Assistant Director and finally to Director of Residence Life.

Doyle decided to move on to positions at a theater company and a high school, while still finding time to go back to Cabrini and work with the school’s theater department. Now he has decided it is the right time to return as an adjunct professor.

“When Jerry Zurek asked me to come back and teach this course I knew that it would mean a 14-hour day for me, but I walked into class and interacted with my group of students and I haven’t had anything less than a positive experience,” said Doyle.

Read more about the returning professor at Loquitur by clicking here.

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