Major Changes Coming to Conshohocken’s Saladworks This Year

Earthier decor and tables next to electrical outlets so that guests can use their laptops or recharge their phones are two of the improvements coming to Saladworks in 2017.

Health food buffs and fans of delicious salads will soon be able to enjoy an enhanced dining experience in Conshohocken’s newly rebranded Saladworks.

Patrick Sugrue
Patrick Sugrue

Despite celebrating three decades of success last year, the country’s leading salad franchise continues to perform much like a nimble startup by putting its focus on technology and innovation guided by the experience of its new CEO, Patrick Sugrue.

Over the last year, Saladworks has made significant changes including executive team adjustments, menu improvements, interior design upgrades, and a kiosk ordering system. The company has also implemented an improved loyalty program.

In addition, Saladworks is planning over 10 new store remodels in this year as it shifts towards earthier tones with a wood finish to provide customers an even more welcoming atmosphere.

Tables will also be next to electrical outlets so that guests can use their laptops or recharge their phones while they are enjoying the delicious additions to the menu.

“In 2016, we really took a step back and figured out ways to improve upon the Saladworks concept to enhance the consumer’s experience,“ said Sugrue.

“In 2017, we’re going to begin implementing these changes in all locations so that Saladworks as a brand will be giving guests an enhanced experience, including faster service and the ability to refresh, reconnect and recharge.”


Top photo credit: rusteford saladmeals 2 via photopin (license)

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