Warmer Weather Brings Lighter Menu Items to Saladworks


As the warmer weather pushes jackets back in the closet, restaurants are adjusting their menus with a selection of lighter items such as seasonal salads and fish based dishes, writes Nation’s Restaurant News.

Patrick Sugrue
Patrick Sugrue

“People are feeling like, I cannot hide under my parka anymore,” noted Patrick Sugrue, President and Chief Executive of Saladworks. “They are dressing lighter and thinking about eating lighter and exercising. It’s about being healthy and feeling good about what you are eating.”

To celebrate this trend, Conshohocken-based Saladworks has introduced the Spring Fit Salad made from a healthy mix of lettuce, baby kale, turkey medallions, carrot matchsticks, walnuts, roasted asparagus, and quinoa. This limited time dish contains only 410 calories even with its proprietary light raspberry dressing.

“The early returns show consumers are loving it,” added Sugrue.

Limited time dishes allow Saladworks to experiment with new ingredients, which if popular, can be added to new customized salads.

“If they really do well in these seasonal salads, it allows us to make additions to our already plentiful case of ingredients and fixings,” said Sugrue.

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