Willow Grove Entrepreneur Turns Free Service Software into Thriving Company


live-help-now-logoWillow Grove’s Michael Kansky has combined his customer service and computer skills to create one of the fasted growing companies in the country, writes Stacy Wescoe for LVB.com.

The Ukrainian born founder and CEO of LiveHelpNow started his career in IT where he first noticed the ongoing issues between customers and IT support.

“I was seeing the constant struggle in every organization and all of the failures that technology was giving us in customer satisfaction,” he said.

To solve this, Kansky started working on the customer service software ZaZaChat at his home in Willow Grove, which he released it to the public for free in 2007.

Michael Kansky

Two years later, the software had grown to 1,500 users forcing Kansky to hire employees and consultants. However, this also meant the software could not remain free. To solve this, he rebranded the company as LiveHelpNow and started charging a fee to cover his costs, and remarkably kept most his customers.

Now ZaZaChat has grown to 22 employees, with revenues already projected to reach $5 million by the end of this year.

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