Montgomeryville Meadery Creates Unique Brews with Local Flair


haymaker-meaderyBy Shannon Maria Jones

Haymaker Meadery, in Montgomeryville is an artisanal meadery that prides themselves in creating modern mead with folk flare.  Mead, often called honey wine, is the newest trend in craft spirits, with the country’s meaderies doubling every year.

Offering both sparkling and still meads, all of Haymaker’s meads are award winning, bringing home medals most recently from the Texas Mead Fest in October, The sparkling meads, similar in flavor and body to a cider, weigh in at 8% ABV and come in unique flavors such as Strawberry Vanilla, Lemon Basil, and Barrel Aged.

The still meads have an ABV closer to that of wine, ranging from 11-14%.  Popular flavors include Razbarrel, made with 100 pounds of raspberries, and Parlor made to taste like a bourbon old fashioned.

Often known for being cloyingly sweet and heavy, owners Erin and Adam Crockett strive to make the beverage unique and approachable, and for this husband and wife team, they found their inspiration in the prominent flavors in craft beer.

The Crocketts brought the concept of Haymaker to life after a lengthy stint in homebrewing, and Scott’s work in the local craft beer scene.

“Quality is key, we do not wish to sacrifice the quality of the meads we enter into the market for the sake of profit. With such an open-ended market for this unique product every encounter can be a first impression,” explains Erin Crockett.

“We strive to think outside the box in flavor profiles, yet maintain balance. We are going to grow as organically as we can, only growing to levels that we are able to maintain quality control,” says Adam.

Haymaker is an active participant at the Lansdale Farmers’ Market, so interested guests are encouraged to drop by for samples or to do some holiday shopping.

The meadery itself is also open for samples and sales of bottles and growlers, 435 Doylestown Road, Montgomeryville.