Blue Bell’s Unisys Celebrates Three Decades in Information Technology


The contract is for one year with renewal options and will include eight Air Force bases, one in Germany and the other seven here in the U.S. (Image courtesy of Unisys)

Blue Bell’s Unisys, founded to challenge IBM’s leadership in global tech, recently marked three decades of success with an ice-cream party at its headquarters, writes Joseph DiStefano for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The company – with 21,000 mostly overseas employees and $3 billion in annual sales – is best known these days for selling computer-security systems, cloud-systems management, and outsourcing for banking and governments.

According to Inder M. Singh, chief strategy and marketing officer, the company now focuses on cutting-edge cyber security systems, as well as the advanced algorithms it has created in recent years.

“Unisys serves enterprises and governments in over 100 countries, and offers solutions that range from securing borders to serving the world’s top airlines with our AirCore and Logistics products,” said Singh.

Another significant part of its current work is updating the long-term customers, whom it originally supplied with hardware, to the cloud remote-servers era.

“While the brand is 30 years old, our products are anything but,” said Singh. “Many of our clients have been with us for decades, and we are now migrating them to the cloud to help secure their futures.”

Read more about the anniversary in the Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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