Prominent Sports Psychologist and Lower Merion Graduate Discusses Unique Pressures on Olympic Athletes

Dr. Joel Fish, a Lower Merion High School graduate, is a prominent sports psychologist.

Dr. Joel Fish, a Lower Merion High School graduate and nationally-renowned sport psychologist, took the time on the eve of the Summer Olympics to talk about the pressures of competing in the global event, writes Bruce Adams for the Main Line Media News.

Fish discussed various issues, including high expectations and the need to focus on more than one goal.

Asked how athletes deal with the pressure of training four years for an event that lasts less than a minute, he noted that it depends on their expectations.

“If the expectations are to win the gold medal, the pressure is heightened in so many ways, compared to if the athlete’s expectations are just to win a medal,” he said.

He also emphasized that athletes perform better at the Olympics if they have multiple goals and focus on more than just winning a medal.

“It’s helpful for athletes to try to maintain perspective, and to reflect on what a journey they’ve had to get to that moment at the Olympics, and to be doing something they love,” he said.

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