Willow Grove Phillies Fan’s Act of Kindness is a True Home Run


At a Phillies game this week at Citizen’s Bank Park, a foul ball was hit into the stands, and fifth-grader Aaron Pressley of Willow Grove grabbed it and held it up for everyone to see, writes Alicia Vitarelli for 6abc.

He then did something no one expected.

“I looked to my left and I saw a little girl crying and I’m just thinking in my head, ‘I can’t keep the ball,'” Aaron Pressley explains, understanding that the little girl had also tried to catch the ball.

“It didn’t feel right to keep the ball,” Aaron said. “I just had to give it to her. I went over there, I saw her crying, and I just felt so sad, so I gave her the ball. She said, ‘Thank you.’ It just felt so good. I felt like a good guy.”

“Just do nice things for people,” Pressley, an honor student, says. “People say Phillies fans are not the nicest people, but that’s not true. Just be a nice person and always have positive energy inside of you.”

The little girl at the ballpark was named Emma, and her family was so touched by Aaron’s selfless gesture that they treated him to a Phillies gift card.

The Phillies also thought he was a good guy—they sent over another ball for him.

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