Ask for Anything Blueprint Creator Hosts Seminar Thursday

Laura Fredrick is an international lecturer and the author of four industry leading books all focused on “How to A$K© for Money – and More of It.”

Asking is a part of every aspect of our lives. It should be as natural as walking, smiling, and breathing. But for many of us, asking – particularly for money – is the one thing we dread the most.

Have you ever needed to raise money for a nonprofit, business or worthy cause?

644527_291244634322572_1519295568_nHave you ever needed money for a creative project or business venture?

Have you ever needed to ask for a raise, promotion, transfer, or new job title, because you want more money?

Whether you’re a senior executive, sales manager, entrepreneur raising money to sustain a business, or an administrator, board member, development manager or volunteer for a charity or nonprofit, you’ve probably been in a position in which you’ve had to ask for money, but didn’t know how to go about it.

Laura Fredricks, the Multimillion-Dollar A$K-Maker and author of The A$K, will show you how.

The Brandywine Health Foundation and MONTCO.Today are presenting “How to Ask for (More) Money,” a popular half-day seminar led by the renowned author of THE ASK, on Thursday, July 14 from 8:30-11:30 AM in Exton.

Tickets are $99 each ($75 or non-profits), and they include a continental breakfast and question-and-answer period. Everyone is invited, but space is limited. Click here or call 610-380-9080 to reserve your tickets. Seating is limited.

Fredricks will offer time-tested tips, tools, and best practices for asking for more money for your nonprofit cause, creative project, or business venture.

“Perhaps the most important part about asking for money is understanding your views on money,” says Fredricks, who merges strategies from law and philanthropy into her seminar.

“So often we skip this very important step and dive right into identifying and learning as much as we can about the person or people we want to ask for money that we forget about getting in touch with our own feelings about money.

“It is essential that we explore our own values of what money means to us, and as importantly, why we feel we deserve to get what we ask for.”

Visit Brandywine Health Foundation’s event page here to reserve your seat at the Laura Fredrick How to Ask for (more) Money session.

How to Ask for (more) Money

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