New App from Conshohocken’s BTG Helps Save Snakebite Victims


btg-logoLocal pharmaceutical company BTG is doubling down on its efforts to save the lives of snakebite victims with a dose of technology.

The company’s U.S. headquarters in West Conshohocken makes Crofab, the only commercial anti-venom for American rattlesnake, copperhead, and cottonmouth bites. And now BTG makes SnakeBite911, a free iOS app that helps victims quickly assess, track, and treat their snakebite.

“There is a startling lack of public knowledge with respect to venomous snakebites and how to treat them, even among individuals who are outdoorsy,” BTG head of patient outcome management Tom Logan said in a Philadelphia Business Journal report by John George.

“In the rare occurrence of a snakebite, time really is issue, and quick and appropriate care is absolutely paramount for the victim. With SnakeBite911, we’re making vital information about first aid easily accessible and making it easier to seek immediate medical attention.”

For victims of snakebites by Pennsylvania’s timber rattlesnakes, northern copperheads or eastern massasaugas, the app takes pictures of the venom as it spreads from the bite wound, calculates the nearest anti-venom-equipped hospital and provides critical information on proper first aid. It also helps prevent bites through a snake sightings map and tips for navigating known snake-inhabited areas.

Click here to read more about BTG’s innovative SnakeBite911 app in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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