Models for Leadership Helps Managers Become High-Achieving Leaders


By Michael Gidlewski

As president of Achievement Unlimited, I often work as a growth catalyst and motivational speaker with business owners and entrepreneurs in their quest to become the best leaders they can be.

I deploy what’s called Models for Leadership, a management and leadership development process consisting of six modules, to provide awareness, measurement, learning, and change.

achievable_logo_white_on_blueUsing a process of learning and self-discovery, MFL teaches the managerial behaviors of high-achieving leaders, measures the gaps that currently exist in each participant’s managerial behaviors, and gives them a new benchmark for leadership to model.

MFL is based on more than 30 years of cumulative research in the area of effective managerial and leadership behaviors. Using a database of thousands of leaders across many industries, our research is based on solid behavioral science, not armchair anecdotes or selective case studies. The research creates a model of the common philosophies, beliefs, practices, and managerial behaviors employed by high-achieving leaders.

We’ve all heard it before: “You can’t manage it unless you measure it.”

Each module of MFL includes a comprehensive, behavioral assessment process of 360 degrees to measure participants against our database of leaders and compare their own self-perception with the perception of others. Participants gain perspective and self-awareness at a whole new level.

This awareness, coupled with targeted learning modules, leads to new levels of insight and, consequently, more effective behaviors.

All the awareness and theory in the world is useless unless acted upon. Our experiential learning modules, combined with a powerful facilitation process, are specifically designed to close the gap between one’s current state and the ideal benchmark of high achievers.

Modeling effective behaviors remains one of the best ways we can make positive changes in our leadership style. Unlike seminars that concern themselves with only a single behavioral theory or model – one piece of the management jigsaw puzzle – MFL presents an integrated synthesis of validated behavioral models that address managerial and organizational productivity.

This unique process of synthesizing makes it possible for participants to understand how certain practices reinforce others. These main puzzle pieces interlock to form a more complete and validated view of leadership style.

In my next post, I will discuss the first of six modules: Management Values.


Mike500-210x300Michael Gidlewski is President of West Chester-based Achievement Unlimited, as well as a growth catalyst and motivational speaker. He works with motivated business owners and entrepreneurs to clearly define the elements of what they dearly want their lives to look like, then helps them connect all the moving parts that make up those visions to consistent action and habits. Michael can be reach at 610-793-6609 or via e-mail at

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