2 Montgomery County-based Tech Companies Join Forces To Ease the Financial Aid Process For College Students


Financial aid sign with money and piggy bank
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Two tech companies, Unisys and Boomi, are aiming to make the financial aid process easier for college students.

Two local companies — Unisys and Boomi — have teamed up to make it easier for college students to go through financial aid payment process systems, writes Joseph N. DiStefano for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Unisys is a Blue Bell tech services and consulting provider, while Boomi is a fast-growing Conshohocken software-systems integrator.

Under the terms of the new deal, 450,000 students at the California State University system will get instant access to student aid, according to deputy vice-chancellor Nathan Evans.

The hope is that it will be a lucrative model for deals ahead. 

The two tech companies hope its collaboration will lead to the process being quicker and speed the distribution of aid money.

Cal State chief information officer Ed Clark predicted the new arrangement will also reduce dropouts, as more students will make payments in advance of deadlines.

Nine campuses are already connected, while the 14 others are set to follow this spring. 

Unisys president and chief operating officer Mike Thomson said this company wants to move Cal State texts and testing materials online in multiple language translations as a next step.

“Cal State will be our poster child” for a new push into higher education sales, he added. 

 Read more about the two local companies joining forces to benefit college students at The Philadelphia Inquirer


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