With the Return of the Gobbler, It’s Time for Some Wawa Sandwich Rankings

The Gobbler sandwich
Image via Wawa.
Everyone's got a favorite Wawa sandwich. Here's a Wawa sandwich ranking that might work for some.

Wawa’s Gobbler is the greatest hoagie ever, overstuffed and messy but nostalgically sweet and salty, with plenty of time to savor it before the upcoming holidays.

To celebrate its return, here’s Wawa sandwich rankings, the 10 hoagies from best to worst, according to Jason Sheehan of Philadelphia Magazine.

  1. The Gobbler. Of course. This portable Thanksgiving dinner is comfort on a roll.
  2. Classic Italian hoagie. Best as leftovers as long as there’s enough oil for the bread to stay soft and squishy.
  3. Ham Hoagie. A simple construction that makes a “damn fine sandwich.”
  4. Cheesesteak after midnight. For when everything’s closed, you’ve had a bad, good, or long night or forgotten to eat.
  5. Meatball parm. See 6.
  6. Meatball sandwich, standard. It’s the meatball sandwich to eat when you have to have a meatball sandwich, but none are available.
  7. Turkey hoagie. When you’re looking for something not exciting.
  8. Cheesesteak before midnight. There’s no reason to order this.
  9. Chicken/tuna salad. It’s never going to be as good as you think it is.
  10. Roasted veggie hoagie. For those trying to look like they’re eating healthier than the rest of us unless you’re a vegetarian, then go for it.

See the entire list of Wawa sandwich rankings and honorable mentions like fries and burgers in Philadelphia Magazine.

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