When Lightning Strikes: Haverford Systems Helps Abington Presbyterian Church Weather the Storm

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A lightning bolt can change things fast. Ask the folks at Abington Presbyterian Church, which has one of the tallest buildings in Abington. A lightning strike recently knocked out its vital livestreaming system. For many congregants, this was their lifeline to the church, especially during COVID-19. A real disaster, right? Well, Haverford Systems had other plans.

In the world of audiovisual technology, there are numerous unpredictable scenarios. Even a seemingly minor event like a lightning strike can have major consequences. For many of the church’s congregants, the livestream was the only way they could participate in services during the pandemic. So, the damage was much more than just technological.

Fortunately, the church had previously entrusted its audiovisual system to Haverford Systems, a local company with more than 30 years of experience in the field. (Haverford Systems helped the church switch to vMix software and implement a dual-monitor setup for high-quality video streaming.) That decision paid off in a big way when lightning struck.

When the church’s staff found its computer dead, and the HuddleCamHD PTZ joystick had no control over the PTZOptics cameras, the church reached out to Haverford’s support team, which connected it to Hallie and her associates. After working through several tests, they decided to secure an RMA and swiftly bring the cameras and controller in for assessment and repair. Hallie was able to identify the issue; the SDI output on both cameras was bad. In a demonstration of Haverford’s commitment to customer service, Hallie didn’t just repair the equipment; she swapped the cameras entirely because a replacement board was not readily available.

When the lightning strike posed a threat to the church’s livestream capabilities, it wasn’t just the tech infrastructure that was tested, but the resolve of the team behind it. Hallie from our PTZOptics support team was quick to respond, diagnosing the problem, replacing components that were under warranty, and minimizing downtime. The connection Haverford Systems had established with the church and the reliable service we had shown were truly put to the test. And they passed with flying colors.

Our work is about building relationships, understanding the specific needs of clients, and finding the right solutions.

Haverford Systems proved once again its commitment to top-tier customer service and technical excellence. For more than three decades, we’ve been a trusted name in audiovisual design and integration. We’ve shown that whether it’s a custom installation or an emergency repair, we are ready to deliver.

When lightning struck at Abington Presbyterian Church, it wasn’t just a bolt from the heavens, but a test of the commitment of Haverford Systems. We passed that test with flying colors, turning a potential disaster into a story of resilience and teamwork. As we look toward the future, the relationship between Abington Presbyterian Church and Haverford Systems continues to strengthen, illustrating how professional audiovisual installation can make all the difference when the unexpected happens.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your current audiovisual system or need professional support for your existing setup, Haverford Systems stands ready to assist. You can get in touch with an HSI consultant to discuss your next project today here. You never know when lightning might strike.

If you’re looking to enhance your church’s livestreaming capabilities, Haverford Systems has got you covered. Meet Paul Richards, author of Helping Your Church Live Stream. Paul has been on-site throughout this project, lending his expertise to Abington Presbyterian Church. Why not benefit from his experience? Download a free copy of Helping Your Church Live Stream or order a copy on Amazon for your church.


Shawn Thornton, a Sales Manager at Haverford Systems, is not your ordinary tech specialist. A graduate of James Madison University with local roots in Pennsylvania, he has a strong grasp of the needs of institutions like Abington Presbyterian Church. Balancing work with his personal life in Phoenixville where he enjoys quality family time, he’s earned a reputation for his detail-oriented approach and responsiveness. Thornton continues to be a driving force in technological transformations across Philadelphia’s beloved institutions. Despite challenges like the church’s lightning strike, his dedication, combined with the company’s technical excellence, continues to prove why Haverford Systems is the region’s go-to for audiovisual design and integration.

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