Haverford Systems’ AV Expertise Helps Other Businesses Rise to Challenges Posed by COVID-19


Image via Haverford Systems.

If ever there was a company built to help other businesses rise to the challenges posed by a pandemic, it would be Haverford Systems.

Based in Downingtown, this audio-visual technology integration company has unparalleled experience with the type of AV installations that businesses, nonprofits, schools, law firms, healthcare facilities, and even senior living facilities could benefit from during this era of social distancing.

Haverford Systems boasts an expert team of project managers, system designers, installation technicians, system commissioners, and service technicians. Their offerings include:

  • Digital Signage: For COVID-19 safety announcements and more, Haverford Systems has the expertise to recommend and provide 4K digital signage displays and content player solutions for any organization. These solutions are incredibly versatile and dynamic in that, while the messaging can be pre-scheduled, they can also be changed at any time on the fly from anywhere on the network. Keep all employees and customers informed and safe.
  • Zoom: As a Zoom-Certified Integrator, Haverford Systems can provide clients with the full line of Zoom products and options. Also, Haverford Systems’ PTZOptics and HuddleCamHD cameras are Zoom-certified, allowing remote and onsite teams with a full arsenal of high-quality, easy-to-use Zoom systems.
  • Touchless Web Conferencing and Presentation Solutions: Given current events, most people are concerned with keeping their work environments clean, sanitized, and non-touch. Haverford Systems can design and recommend entirely touchless conferencing and collaboration systems – from motion sensors that trigger the technology system, to wireless content sharing, to remote control of the AV system from a personal device.
  • Remote Work and Distance Learning: While many people work remotely from their homes, Haverford Systems can provide web conferencing and communication solutions to make video calls look and sound spectacular. And, even though a lot of people are working remotely, some still need to go on site for meetings and seminars. Haverford Systems can help equip spaces for those professionals to be able to safely and easily stream their meeting or lecture out to their audience.

E-mail Haverford Systems for assistance at questions@haverford.com.

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