Haverford Systems Keeps Clients’ Technological Infrastructure on Cutting Edge

Image via Haverford Systems.

Office and conference room technology has evolved a great deal in the last few decades, and Haverford Systems, a full-service, audiovisual integration company based in Downingtown, has been at the forefront of that evolution since its founding in 1987.

It’s hard to imagine but countless companies may promote themselves as operating on the cutting edge of their industry, but their technology infrastructure is likely still in the dark ages.

Haverford Systems is a trusted audiovisual solution designer and integrator with a reputation built not only on those services, but also on the distribution of its proprietary camera brands. The company provides concierge-style service to create custom designs for any organization’s specific needs. It works in corporate locations, educational institutions, esports arenas, government, legal and municipal settings, healthcare facilities, houses of worship, manufacturing headquarters, and senior living communities.

“I am surrounded by an expert and experienced team of project managers, system designers, installation technicians, system commissioners, and service technicians that always deliver,” said Margaret Wilman, Strategic Accounts Director for Haverford Systems. “Our customers can count on this team from start to finish with a project and can certainly rely on us for ongoing support.”

From an initial site survey of a client’s business to the final installation, setup, and training on the newly implemented technologies, Haverford Systems ensures that the solutions match their clients’ needs.

Haverford Systems offers the following services:

  • Audio & Video Conferencing Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Sound Masking & Paging
  • Live Streaming
  • Touch Screens, Digital Signage and Video Walls
  • Video Surveillance

For the DIYers who don’t necessarily require service but are interested in Haverford’s products, the company’s e-commerce division, CRS (Conference Room Systems), offers a variety of audiovisual solutions for end users throughout the U.S. CRS’s knowledgeable representatives can demonstrate products and answer questions directly from their Chester County offices.

“The CRS account managers walk the walk and talk the talk,” said Wilman. “They test and use the technology solutions that they recommend to customers, so they are having conversations with customers about solutions that they know work and that they would use themselves for conferencing.

“Most customers that visit our CRS site already know what they are looking for, but when they contact one of our account managers, they will receive confirmation that they have selected the best solution for their environment and can expect answers to the more technical questions about implementation.”

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