Blondie in Manayunk Perfect Place to Visit After Seeing Barbie – or Any Other Time


Barbie Box at Blondie
Image via Facebook.
Blondie's Barbie setup includes a Barbie box guests can snap pictures in.

If you are looking for a place that will keep the pink and joyful party going after seeing Barbie, the Blondie pop-up bar in Manayunk has you covered – at least for the rest of this week, reports Aunyea Lachelle for NBC10 Philadelphia.

Just in time for what many are calling the movie of the summer, Blondie pop-up has created the perfect Barbie experience for excited theatergoers.

Wearing pink is not obligatory but it is preferred. However, according to Dawn Parker, Blondie’s manager, there was no need to institute a dress code.

“Honestly, we haven’t even had to stress that fact,” she said. “Everybody is coming in decked out in all their pink, all their Barbie, ready to go.”

Inside, everything is Barbie-related. There is a Barbie box to take pictures in, plenty of pink and other pastel balloons, pink accessories, and even pink food and drinks.

The Barbie experience officially opened on July 17 but it became so popular that Parker expanded the pink theme to the upstairs dining room.

Sadly, this is the last week to experience Blondie’s pop-up, so make sure to have a visit!

Watch the entire segment at NBC10 Philadelphia.


Being decked out in pink isn’t necessary to visit this Manayunk bar, but it sure would help get you into the spirit. Philly Live’s Aunyea Lachelle heads over to Blondie in Manayunk to get a taste of all things Barbie the pop-up has to offer.

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