New Montgomery County Police Program Assists Special Needs Drivers with Stressful Traffic Stops

Montgomery County Blue Envelope Program.
Image via PHL17.

Montgomery County officials recently announced a new “Blue Envelope Program” to help special needs drivers when they have on-the-road interaction with the police, writes Jessica Yakubovsky for PHL17.

Traffic stops and car accidents can be stressful for anyone, but especially for drivers who may have conditions that affect their ability to communicate like autism spectrum disorder or anxiety.

With the Blue Envelope program, the driver can now give the police officer who approaches the car a blue envelope which not only includes a copy of their driver’s license, automobile registration and proof of auto insurance, but also a form that notifies the officer of the driver’s special needs and a contact person, if necessary.

Whitpain Township Police Chief Kenneth Lawson said, “Our police officers are here to protect and serve every single person in our jurisdictions, and this program ensures that police are aware of the Blue Envelope driver’s condition and the driver is aware of what to expect and what to do during a traffic stop. The program will help both parties.”

Read more about the new program at PHL17.


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