Ambler Restaurant Becomes Connecting Point for Mar. 22 Working Moms (WoMo) Event

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Dettera Restaurant & Wine Bar, the Ambler site of the Mar. 22 WoMo event.
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The WoMo Network and Elysium Marketing Group, the Montgomery County provider of marketing strategy and creative, has organized a Mar. 22 event that will benefit area working mothers.

Under its WoMo Network banner, the 4–6 PM happy hour gathering will take place at Dettera Restaurant & Wine Bar, 129 East Butler Ave., Ambler.

Its timing during Women’s History Month was chosen to recognize the struggle that working moms have in meeting the often-conflicting demands of parenting and earning a living.

The opportunity to share with peers has long been a recommended coping mechanism, especially among women.

A 2018 article in Psychology Today addressed the professional and familial importance of women’s bonds.

“As women, we thrive on strong relationships with our girlfriends,” reported Kristen Fuller, a physician and clinical mental health writer.

“Such friendships give women an outlet to share their problems, thoughts, feelings, and triumphs with those they feel a close bond with.”

She continued: “Women are each other’s emotional support system.

“From giving advice — being a shoulder to cry on, keeping secrets, lending a listening ear and boosting self-esteem — to developing strong and healthy female friendships, [these connections are] something all women can benefit from.”

WoMo Network founder Elyse Lupin wants this event to bring women together for that exact reason: to network, share, and connect.

The $35 ticket, available on EventBrite, covers entry, hors d’oeuvres, and drinks.


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