Sheriff’s Office Mourns Passing of Bikkel, the Only Bomb-Sniffing K-9 in Montgomery County

Image via the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.
Bikkel in training, navigating a jump.

The Jan. 20 meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners in Norristown included a heartfelt pause to remember Bikkel, a Montgomery County K-9 officer. Rachel Ravina chronicled the emotional moment in The Reporter.

Bikkel, 10, was a Belgian Malinois, a sturdy, hardworking European herding dog whose appearance is often confused with that of a German Shepherd. The breed is known for being smart, athletic, loyal, and brave, all traits that make them suitable for police work.

Bikkel, an expert in explosive detection and patrol work, passed away from an age-related illness on Dec. 22, 2022.

His human partner was Deputy Sean Forsythe; the two worked side-by-side since 2013, the year of Bikkel’s graduation from the Professional Law Enforcement Crime Training and Certifying organization. It operates in Georgia.

Forsythe — who, with his wife and family, hosted the dog in his home —  referred to the canine as his “first kid.” At the ceremony Forsythe and his wife were visibly upset at the loss.

Commissioners Joe Gale and Ken Lawrence led a moment of silence to honor the brave dog.

More on Bikkel and his service to Montgomery County is at The Reporter.


Belgian Malinois K-9 dogs in action.

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