CEO of Willow Grove Tech Firm Self-Funds Her Online Resource for Speech Therapists

Image via LinkedIn.
Orna Azulay, , CEO of Remote Speech.

Orna Azulay, CEO of Remote Speech in Willow Grove, had enough confidence in her online platform for speech therapists to self-fund it. John George reported the bold move in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Azulay — who also leads Abington Speech Pathology Services — injected her own $300,000 into creating VirtualTx, Remote Speech’s bedrock product.

She called VirtualRx a speech-therapy management platform that provides a “one-stop shop for everything that [therapists, clinics, universities, and schools] need.”

VirtualTx is a proprietary cloud-based software application. It handles tasks such as:

  • Online scheduling
  • Billing
  • Telehealth
  • Client portals
  • Customer support
  • Data collection

Its video interactivity, Azulay claims, makes it unique.

The patent-pending solution holds an extensive library for therapists to access when delivering care.

The company is projecting revenue from the VirtualTx platform to grow from $12 million in its first year. The lift is expected to result from ongoing use of telemedicine for specialty healthcare services.

The initial funding rounds for Remote Speech that garnered little interest most likely did so, Azulay speculated, because of investor hesitancy to support a service industry. Now that VirtualTx is live, she expects funding interest to grow.

The complete story of Remote Speech is at the Philadelphia Business Journal.


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