Abington Telehealth Speech Therapy Platform Uses AI, Online Games, and Other Special Features  

Image via John George, The Philadelphia Business Journal.
Founder and CEO of Abington Speech Pathologies.

An Abington speech therapist and entrepreneur may soon see her business skyrocket. The owner and CEO of Abington Speech Pathology Services & RemoteSpeech self-funded her telehealth platform with $300,000, wrote John George for the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

Orna Azulay describes the VirtualTx platform as a “one-stop-shop” for those seeking care.

It’s a cloud-based application that includes online scheduling, billing, telehealth technology, client portals, customer support, note-taking, and data collection capabilities, writes George.  

What makes the platform unique is its interactive video services, material library, and online games. The platform is also jumping on the AI bandwagon, collaborating with University of Buffalo professor Jinjun Xiong. He is working on developing an AI assessment tool for determining treatment for patients. 

VirtualTx’s AI is already awaiting a patent. In addition, the platform is also awaiting funding from the National Science Foundation.  

The company is expecting to jump from $12 million to $69 million in the first five years. 

Read more about the Abington telehealth platform in the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

Speech pathology career profile from Loma Linda University.

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