Oaks Family Bonds During Sixers Pregames

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Joel Embiid, favorite player of grandkids from Oaks (and thousands of other fans)

Ten-year-old Connor Strauss of Oaks and his younger brother Patrick are always early for the Philadelphia 76ers games they attend with their grandfather, Jim Gaffney, to get a glimpse of players getting ready for the game. Dave Uram reported on this early-bird family for KYW Newsradio.

Last week, the boys prepared a sign that read “Joel Embiid, I Love You!” ahead of the game. Once the MVP candidate showed up on the court to start practicing, Connor shouted to him what the sign said. Gaffney then noticed the seven-footer turn and acknowledge the young fan.

“And it was just so cool to see the connection with him and the team,” said the grandfather.

Connor was overjoyed when he was able to convince his Pop to buy season tickets for the Sixers during the pandemic.

“His love for the Sixers is what attracted me to the Sixers, and I’m an absolute fanatic for the Sixers now,” said Gaffney.

Gaffney started going to games of Philadelphia sports teams in the 1960s with his father.  Now six decades later, he is continuing the tradition with his grandkids.

He hopes that Connor will continue this tradition with his grandchildren, just like him.

Read more about this 76ers family at KYW Newsradio.


2022–2023 highlight reel of Joel Embiid.

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