Seven Montco Experiences to Put a Spring into Your Step

spring dog with ice cream
Image via the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board.
Montco restaurants and hotels that cater to pets make springtime an especially appealing period to get outside, especially with a furry friend.

The vernal equinox — Mar. 20 — is in the rear-view mirror, and the area is already on Daylight Savings Time. Spring 2023 is here. And although this wasn’t a brutal winter by any measure, it had its share of cold streaks and gray days.

It’s time for residents to get out and enjoy the Montgomery County countryside. And perhaps they can invite out-of-towners to make the journey here, tuck into a local hotel, and take in one of the area’s most appealing timeframes of the year.

Here are some suggested ways to celebrate spring locally.

17th Annual Rev Run at Valley Forge National Historical Park

For 16 years, the Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run has been a unique challenge for runners of all skill levels.

As the only 5k race held entirely in a U.S. National Park, Rev Run allows participants to experience the majesty of Valley Forge National Historical Park while challenging their minds and body as they traverse the five-mile, USATF-certified course.

The Apr., 16, 2023, event is scheduled (as usual) during National Park Week, which makes it aptly timed. All race proceeds benefit Valley Forge National Historical Park, meaning that the 2023 participants will add to the half-million dollars raised since the run’s 2006 inception.

Walker and runner registrations are open at the VFTCB website, which also has instructions on shuttle access before and after the event.

Trails to Traverse

Montgomery County has a vast expanse of trails located in every corner of the county.

Spanning over 90 miles through stunning scenery, small towns, and spacious valleys, hiking and biking in Montco is an easy and readily available activity.

Find a Trail Near You

Fine-Feathered Friends to Find

While it may not be the first place you’d think of, Montgomery County is a hot spot for bird watching and nature enthusiasts.

The John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove, for example, is a haven for those looking to spend some time outdoors and study the birds of North America, as originally chronicled by the famed naturalist, John James Audubon.

Go Birding

Main Street Explorations

With temperatures reaching a comfortable degree, strengthening sunshine, and flowers soon in bloom, spring is a perfect time to get out and explore Montgomery County’s small towns and main streets.

From delicious fare at area cafés and restaurants to unique boutiques, shops, and theatres, Montco’s main streets have plenty of reasons to visit.

Visit Our Main Streets

Make It a Dog Day

Montco is an extremely pet-friendly destination, even among its hotels and some outdoor restaurants. Before heading out for a day, grab the dog or cat leash (or birdcage or fish bowl) and bring a furry, feathered, or finned friend along.

Plan Your Dog Day

Dining Outside

Speaking of outdoor dining, many of Montgomery County’s 1,600+ restaurants are set up for al fresco meals. Styles range from little coffee bars with wrought iron tables and chairs to five-star service of upscale menus.

Find a Restaurant

Go Green

Green as in golf, that is.

Public or private, Montgomery County’s temperate climate and rainfall make for some of the best golf-course conditions in the region. The area’s long-term tradition of play speaks to the conditions here, as does its reputation for tournament play.

And many of the best links have onside fine dining to follow up a round.

Don’t forget mini golf. For those either not skilled enough for the more challenging links (although timing a putt through a spinning windmill does take finesse) or who have youngsters, miniature golf in the county is a great spring evening out.

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History of the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove.

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