This North Wales Eagles Fan Has a Team Talisman, and He’s Not Afraid to Call on Its Power

eagles fan whose memorabilia includes turf from Veterans Stadium
Image via CBS3 Philadelphia.
Dan Williams with his Lombardi Trophy replica.

A North Wales Eagles fan’s basement is a veritable Birds museum. Dan Williams’ treasures even recall the franchise’s wild-and-wooly Veterans Stadium days. CBS3 Philadelphia’s Matt Petrillo got a look.

Williams is so dedicated to Philadelphia football that he owns a replica of the Lombardi Trophy, which the Eagles received in its Super Bowl win in 2018. More, he decorates the top of his Christmas tree — still trimmed and standing, by the way — not with an angel but with a football.

But the pièce de resistance is a small square of artificial turf from Veterans Stadium.

He doesn’t display this memento but instead holds it, much like Linus and his blanket from the Peanuts comic strip.

“My father used to work down at the stadium and cut a piece of it off,” Williams explained. “I’ve carried it with me ever since 2003 when the stadium shut down.

“I just hold onto it. It’s a rare piece of memorabilia to see this is what the players played on.”

He’s very optimistic about the lucky charm helping against Kansas City.

“Back in 2018, we were the underdogs,” Williams said. “We didn’t have a chance.

“Now we have a good chance. … We’re the top dog to win this game.”

More on Dan Williams and his Veterans Stadium talisman is at CBS3 Philadelphia.


Dan Williams may treasure his square of Veterans Stadium football turf, but players almost universally thought it was a terrible surface for play.

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