Collegeville Entrepreneurs Show They Aren’t Asleep at the Switch in the Slumber Party Biz

slumber one party tents
Image via Slumber Party One at Main Line Tonight.
Decorated tents from Slumber One Party, Collegeville.

Teepee sleepover tents and curated snack boxes are just some of the new slumber party must-haves popularized by two Collegeville companies: Dream Hutz and Slumber One Party. Ana Welsh tucked into their details for Main Line Tonight.

Allison Kozej started Dream Hutz in 2020. Today, she averages between five and six parties every weekend, supplying 25–30 tents. Her busiest weekend ever was this January, when a record 42 tents were booked.

Slumber One Party, started by Laura McDermott, also recorded its best weekend last month, peaking at 34 tents.

McDermott’s firm has grown so quickly that she’s adding staff to handle demand.

Meanwhile, Kozej also was compelled to expand her workforce; she recently brought on two new hires.

“I was so nervous [about recruiting], since this is my baby, but my first hire turned out to be amazing,” she said.

Both companies provide themed equipment: tents, air mattresses, tray tables, and decorative pillows.

Dream Hutz has add-ons — spa bags and beaded bracelet kits, and midnight snack boxes.

Slumber One Party’s list of augmented experiences is being decided currently.

Read more about these Collegeville sleepover companies in Main Line Tonight.


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