Deteriorating Linfield Buildings Are Coming Down, But What’s Taking Their Place?

Publicker buildings
Image via Limerick Township at the Daily Local News.
Publicker buildings, Linfield.

Several Linfield industrial structures — known as the Publicker buildings — will be demolished soon, clearing part of a 192-acre site in Limerick Township for development. Evan Brandt provided details in the Daily Local News.

At present, heavy equipment is onsite, clearing underbrush in advance of the removal of the former commercial real estate buildings.

The location’s Publicker branding, still evident in rusted-over signs along Linfield’s Main Street. They may relate to Philadelphia’s Publicker Distillery, but details have been blurred over time.

Publicker once produced Old Hickory bourbon from its operation beneath the Walt Whitman Bridge. Jersey Shore commuters — car windows open during the pre-air-conditioning summers — well recall its scent on the span.

That entity was erased by a 1992 fire.

The owner of the Linfield site, Tim Hendricks, has assured neighbors that he will provide notice when work begins. His past reimagining of the location has included homes, stores, and offices. He seems to have settled on warehouses, an idea the Limerick Township Board of Supervisors seems to prefer.

But its final decision on use remains pending.

More on the Publicker industrial site in Linfield is at the Daily Local News.


A 1957 ride across the Walt Whitman Bridge (after crossing the Ben Franklin), an era when the Publicker Distillery manufactured bourbon below it.

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