Jason Kelce Rooted for His Wife to Give Birth at Super Bowl

Jason and Kylie Kelce in an Instagram photo
Image via People.com
Jason and Kylie Kelce

The Super Bowl baby that was expected didn’t happen. But the expected arrival of a third baby girl for Kylie (from Narberth) and Jason Kelce is just a matter of time, reported Angela Andaloro for MSN.

“It was an epic game, an epic Super Bowl, an epic one for our family,” said Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce in a podcast with brother Travis.

“We did miss out on one thing that could have made it more epic, though: That baby is still inside Kylie’s belly.”

He was actually rooting for Kylie to go into labor and have the baby at the stadium, confident that the two-time mom would keep her cool the third time around, regardless of the setting.

Jason conjectured about on what might have happened had labor kicked off before the football did: “I would not have come to the game,” he said.

Kylie, speaking with People magazine, said she’s been impressed with Jason as the father of daughters.

“And now, he is just absolutely head over heels in love … and they feed that back to him tenfold.”

Read more about the upcoming birth of Jason and Kylie Kelce’s third daughter at MSN.


When Baby Girl Kelce finally arrives, she’ll have plenty of example in knowing who to root for.

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