Saints Cyril & Philomena School in Lansdowne Hosts Career Day During Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week
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Vince Nicastro, Deputy Commissioner of the Big East Conference, talks to students at Saints Cyril & Philomena School in Lansdowne during Catholic Schools Week.
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To mark this year’s Catholic Schools Week, Saints Cyril & Philomena School, an Independence Mission School in Lansdowne, hosted a career day for its students.

The theme was “Catholic Education Leads Us Towards College, Career, and Heaven.”

Presenters, who spoke on their experiences as a Catholic and how their faith guided them to successful careers, included:

  • Vince Nicastro, Deputy Commissioner of the Big East Conference
  • Judith McDaniel, author of Teenagers in Charge and founder of A Man’s Cave, a spa for men in Philadelphia
  • Amanda Buchanan, Regional Recruitment Manager, IKEA International
  • Niya Hamilton, founder of Niya Hamilton Consultancy
  • Michael Ranck, CEO, YMCA of Eastern Delaware County
  • Ryan Griffith, founder of RR Soccer Academy

Also, Chief Ken Rutherford, Sgt. Michael Mille, and Ofc. Lucas Murray from the Lansdowne Police Department handed out treats to students for “Munchkins with the Munchkins.” The officers spoke to students about making good choices, as well as character development concepts like trustworthiness, fairness, and respect.

Independence Mission Schools is a nonprofit network of 14 independent Catholic schools serving 4,000 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade in and around Philadelphia. The schools provide a transformative Catholic education that develops students intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Independence Mission Schools believe in educating all children, regardless of faith. Participation in education informed by faith principles can benefit all students on their path to developing character and becoming active citizens.

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