Catholic School Students in King of Prussia Don Crazy Socks in Support of Their Schoolmates and World Down Syndrome Day


Students at Mother Theresa Regional Catholic School in King of Prussia donned what they call crazy socks on World Down Syndrome Day to show support for their schoolmates, writes Corey Davis for 6abc.

Even the youngest kids learned something about people who have more chromosomes than everyone else, such as three-year-old Abby Szostek who also attends the Catholic school in King of Prussia in Montgomery County.

While teaching her PreK-2 class about chromosomes, Michele Rhine explained to her students that “we have one that looks like a fruit snack and Abby has some that looks like crazy socks. But does that make us different? Maybe on the inside, but on the outside, no.”

Abby is one of Mother Theresa’s first two students with Down syndrome.

“We just love to see her here among her peers and I think the takeaway about World Down Syndrome Day is to include everyone,” said Vicki Szostek, Abby’s mother.

“The kids really learn from each other and really grow to appreciate and love each other for all their differences,” added principal Christine Pagan.

Read more about the students wearing crazy socks in support of their schoolmates for World Down Syndrome Day in King of Prussia on 6abc.

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