Fiancée of Late Collegeville Sergeant Brings His Memory to the Super Bowl


Collegeville’s Staff Sergeant Marc Small had an extensive bucket list, including traveling to all seven continents and running a marathon. After he was killed in Afghanistan in 2009, his fiancée Amanda Charney-Berardi took it upon herself to complete it, as reported by ABC7 Chicago.  

“I went to Africa and started working in a child’s orphanage. And I brought his ashes to India … I went all over Europe … . And we’ve given almost $2 million since his passing to help kids and his name,” she said.  

The one item left unchecked was to see the Eagles go to the Super Bowl.

Charney-Berardi couldn’t reach that goal when the Eagles won in 2018, but this past Super Bowl gave her another shot.  

She reached out to Mike Diaz, the social media manager for the Eagles fan page Green Legion, who posted her late fiancé’s photo. It generated an enormous response, with over 1,000 shares.  

People who could grab a pricey seat in Glendale’s State Farm Stadium brought a digital or printed copy of Sargeant Marc Small, so he could be there in spirit.  

More about Amanda Charney-Berardi and her fulfillment of her fiancée’s sports dreams at ABC7 Chicago.

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