Royersford Barber Helps Customers Show Their Belief That the Eagles Are Indeed a Cut Above

Sal's Barbershop Eagles logo
Image via The Keystone Gazette.
There's no mistaking the Royersford Eagles fans who have visited Sal's Barbershop for this unique cut.

Sal’s Barbershop proprietor Sal Giannone has been preparing Royersford Eagles fans for the NFC Championship by giving them haircuts that honor the Birds. Stacey Coleman cut to the chase to bring the story to The Keystone Gazette.

Giannone has developed a particular method to create an impression of the well-known Eagles brand on the back of fans’ heads.

“I’m cutting out the negative space,” he said. “It definitely takes a level of skill, a lot of patience.”

Giannone is a huge fan of the Eagles and has high hopes for the coming championship.

“I really think they got a great chance,” he said.

He has been kept busy by the increasing variety of requests to add to his designs ahead of the Sunday game.

But this isn’t his first display of professional skill to boost the mood of local sports fans.

Last Oct., he crafted similar hair-based artwork to put the letter P on numerous heads of hopeful Phillies fans.

That effort, he says, was easier than what he’s doing now.

“Anybody can do a P because it’s part of the alphabet,” Giannone said, “This is an actual drawn logo.”

Giannone fervently hopes his sartorial support for the Eagles works out better than his effort for the 2022 Phillies.

“I’ll do as many Eagles logos as I have to for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl,” he said.

Read more about how Sal’s Barbershop is sprucing up Eagles fans in The Keystone Gazette.


As seen in this video, creating the kind of hair-art available at Sal’s Barbershop, Royersford, is a unique skill.

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