Germantown Academy Grad Co-founds Startup That Brings Salon Hair Care Directly Into Client’s Home

guy getting haircut by Shortcut stylist
Image via Shortcut.

Will Newton, a Germantown Academy graduate, is one of the founders and CEO of Shortcut, a growing startup that brings salon hair care directly into clients’ homes, writes Kennedy Rose for The Business Journals.

Child getting in-home haircut with shortcut. Image via Facebook.
A young boy is getting a haircut at home with a Shortcut stylist.

The service connects stylists with people who prefer to get their hair done at home.

Customers can schedule in-home appointments as well as chat with stylists and share photos with them.

When it was launched in 2016, the startup originally worked with independent hairstylists and barbers.

Since then, it has shifted to working directly with salons.

According to Newton, Shortcut provides stylists with a way to be independent while still working with a salon.

“Why not meet the two parties in the middle and add in-home as a way for salons to put more money in their pocket as a business and alleviate that attrition that happens in a salon all the time?” he said.

Since being founded, Shortcut has raised close to $1 million in funding. Newton’s plans include having Shortcut in 100 salon groups by the end of 2021 and increasing that number five times by the end of 2022.

Read more about Shortcut in The Business Journals.

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