Obsession with Waves Helped Phoenixville Photographer Capture Perfect Photo

Image via Nate Hawes.
"Freeze Frame of A Frozen Frame"

An obsession with waves helped Nathaniel Hawes, a Phoenixville photographer, capture the perfect photo of “Frame of a Frozen A-Frame,” he writes for The Inertia.

Hawes, who also loves taking photos of snow, does not mind driving for hours in hopes of finding the right spot or the right moment for a great shot. That is why he headed out to New Jersey for the state’s first blizzard since 2018.

And while the conditions of the storm were not ideal, Hawes knew there was a possibility that something special could happen.

“The risk of a bust was real, but with mid-period swell still reading on the buoys at 3 AM and an incoming tide that aligned well with sunrise, I figured there was a good shot of clean, waist-high waves to go along with the waist-deep snow drifts I had seen reports of,” he wrote.

He positioned himself at the beach and waited for clean waves. The resulting “Freeze Frame of a Frozen A-frame” made the entire trip worth it.

“This was actually my first time traveling solely to shoot waves,” wrote Hawes. “I’m really glad I made the call.”

Read more about the perfect photo in The Inertia.


This video demonstrates techniques for shooting the seascapes that Nathaniel Hawes excel at.

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