Local Nurse Helps Unconscious Eagles Fan, Aided by ‘A Guy in a Pink Dress’

Natalie Spencer and Vincent Basile
Image via Natalie Spencer and Vincent Basile at KYW Newsradio.
Natalie Spencer and Vincent Basile, Eagles game Good Samaritans.

Natalie Spencer, the director of nursing at Sanatoga Center in Pottstown, was at her first-ever Eagles game — the New Year’s Day match-up with the Saints — when she heard an abnormal sound several rows behind her at Lincoln Financial Field. Dave Uram reported its source and her quick response to it for KYW Newsradio.

The Boyertown native turned around to see a fellow Eagles fan lying on his back on the steep steps, unconscious.

She noticed that the color of his face was changing to blue and purple and some blood was coming out of the side of his mouth.

Spencer immediately sprang into action.

She reached the man and realized she needed to change his position, a difficult task, owing to the size difference between Spencer and the fellow spectator.

“All of a sudden, a guy in a pink dress comes up on the left-hand side of me,” said Spencer. “He said, ‘I’m a doctor.’”

That was Vincent Basile, a resident physician with Einstein Health, dressed in full Mummers regalia for the Jan. 1 game.

The pair shifted the man on his back and then performed CPR on him for a few minutes. Thanks to their efforts, the man regained consciousness before the EMTs arrived.

Spencer has since spoken with the man’s family and learned he is recovering and doing well.

Read more about the quick thinking of Natalie Spencer and a festively dressed physician at KYW Newsradio.


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