Abington Senior High Alumna Gets to Follow the Eagles for Her Job

Julie Bacanskas
Image via Twitter.
Abington Senior High alumna Julie Bacanskas, seen kneeling in bottom right hand corner, is the Senior Manager of Social Media for the Philadelphia Eagles, every Birds fan's dream job.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a social media manager for the Philadelphia Eagles? Julie Bacanskas has every Birds fan’s dream. This Abington Senior High School alumna gets up close and personal with the team on game day, recording players’ every move on the field for posting on various socials.

According to LinkedIn, Bacanskas has been working for the Eagles for over seven years, holding various positions. In a YouTube video short, Bacanskas walks through her day, capturing action shots to filming post-game celebrations — which have been plentiful this season.

When the team is away, she starts game day by leaving her hotel and heading down to the buses, which take her and the team to the stadium. In the video, Bacanskas explains that she drops her equipment off on the field and meets with the Social Coordinator inside.

After that, she heads back down to the field for warm-ups and captures the players heading out to the field.

“Everything I capture I am posting into our Instagram story and our Snapchat,” she said.

Throughout the game, Bacanskas sends clips back to the rest of the team so they can be cross-posted on social media.

“Things are more exciting after a win,” she commented.

After a game is finished, she films run-offs and heads back to the locker room to capture celebrations — a task she has proudly done 13 times since the fall.

Watch the video documenting Julie Bacanskas’ job on YouTube.

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