Montgomery County Looks to PulsePoint App to Help Save Lives

Montgomery County has connected the PulsePoint app to its 911 center to help alert people trained in CPR of a nearby heart attack so they can assist.

Montgomery County is turning to mobile technology to ensure that people who suddenly suffer from a cardiac arrest can receive help as soon as possible, writes Bo Koltnow for WFMZ 69 News.

The county is the second in the state to connect the free PulsePoint application to its 911 service. The app alerts people with CPR training when an ambulance is sent out for a sudden cardiac arrest in a public area within a quarter-mile of their location.

On average, ambulances in Montgomery County have a response time of four to six minutes. However, with the integration of the new app, health professionals hope help can be provided even sooner.

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“The quicker someone starts a compression, the more likely someone has a chance of surviving,“ said Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Tim Shapiro.

The application also highlights the location of the nearest registered defibrillator. To register a defibrillator, users can take its picture and send it to the app’s database. Once verified, this information is sent out to users when an incident occurs.

“CPR extends the window, this can keep your heart rhythm and sustain life,” said EMT medic Al Davy.

Read more about this new lifesaving app at WFMZ 69 News by clicking here.

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