Food Critic Finds That Café Lombardi’s Nails Its Goal to Be ‘A Taste of South Philly in Horsham’

cafe lombardi's cannoli
Image via Cafe Lombardi's at Facebook.
AXIOS Philadelphia's food reviewer found the cannoli at Cafe Lombardi's to be "perfect."

For more than a quarter-century, Café Lombardi’s in Horsham has built its reputation on excellence in Italian cuisine. Isaac Avilucea put its chef to the test for AXIOS Philadelphia.

Avilucea, who certainly has the surname of someone who should know good food from the boot, has been on something of an Italian food tour in the area.

His visit to Café Lombardi’s vaulted it to the status of a “… new favorite spot in the burbs.”

He commented on the interior, noting that the tables are close but rather than being an impediment, the seating takes on a “festive and familial” vibe.

“[It’s] like that famous scene from Lady and the Tramp, if you’re there with your partner,” he wrote.

Avilucea kept his menu choice simple — spaghetti with meat sauce. He found it “chef’s kiss” quality. His dining partner opted for a vegan experience. She had eggplant parmesan as an appetizer, followed by spaghetti alla verdure with broccoli, peppers, mushrooms and onions.

She appreciated the vegan accommodations that didn’t require requests or reminders.

“For dessert, I had cannoli that made my achy, flaky heart swell. Perfect combo of crunchy shell to creamy ricotta filling,” Avilucea concluded.

The full culinary review of Café Lombardi’s is at AXIOS Philadelphia.


AXIOS Philadelphia food critic Isaac Avilucea likened the intimate setting at Café Lombardi’s as evocative of the dining scene in Disney‘s 1955 animated feature Lady and the Tramp; for those unfamiliar with the charming scene (or eager to revisit it), it’s at YouTube, posted by Roel71.

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