High-School Sweethearts from Fort Washington, Connected Since 1963, Wed Nearly 60 Years Later

plymouth whitemarsh sweethearts
Image via Callie Nesius at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Walt and Carryl.

Carryl LaPrairie and Walt List, of Fort Washington, met and fell in love while attending Plymouth Whitemarsh High School in 1963, writes Kellie Patrick Gates for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

They made big plans for the future. But once they started attending college in different parts of the country, things cooled down, and the pair broke up.

The only time they saw each other moving forward from then was at high school reunions. And there, they only said, “Hi.”

Carryl was happily married, and Walt was enjoying his second marriage.

The first time they both showed up to a reunion solo was for the Plymouth Whitemarsh Class of 1965′s 50th edition. Carryl’s husband had died ten years prior, and Walt’s wife was not feeling well enough to attend.

The high-school sweethearts then had a real conversation for the first time in decades, which helped them rekindle their friendship.

That revived bond was what helped Walt deal with his grief after his wife died in 2019.

A year later, the couple realized their old feelings were back and that there was no point in waiting to get married.

They wed on October 9 at the Joseph Ambler Inn.

Read more about this couple — whose fates first enmeshed at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School — in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Carryl and Walt’s journey from high-school sweethearts to married couple is a love story that repeats fairly often, as evidenced by this Today show report.

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